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"One thing I can guarantee
You don’t wanna be standin’ next to me
Before my final curtain call
I can be safe sayin’ it won’t be long”.

(Source: Spotify)

"And even if I did die young
whooo carrres?
All I ever I got was mean mugs
and cold stares” - 2Pac

(Source: Spotify)

(Source: Spotify)

I brought this post to my tumblr out of pure need to express and date my musical experiences in a place I keep a hold of them and SHARE, to get people’s ears to open and spirits to embrace music on a level you deserve to at least step around on ONCE. Even if it’s not your thing to get hype as fuck. Maybe you want to reflect things that are important to you, or you wanna get turned the fuck up to go handle ya’ bidness, Prepare for exercise - WHATEVER THE FUCK IT MAY BE..


I hear this song and I get completely INTENSE.

An intensity that I don’t get with any other song.

I open up to get hype to songs. I can get turnt up, nigga what?

But when this song comes on, as of late -(Because I’ve heard this song tons of times) the past couple months when I hear this song..
My muhfuckin’ EARS GET HOT

The hair on my arms stand and my whole being just gets an extreme burning sensation, x10 the normal It feels like I’m being fucking tazed and set on fire in the summer sun.

This song’s frequency is really firing something in my soul, don’t matter where I’m at, who I’m with. A lot of Rick Ross’s production get’s me wayy too turned up to even be chill because of how it sounds. It doesn’t sound like it’s imitating an “Intense” song, it IS the intense song. His production once “Teflon Don” dropped has always been one of the few benchmarks to this proper ass hype shit.

…but Pirates? PIRATES?!?!?

Just change the song, or get ready to ride THEE fuck out on the wave (Unless I don’t vibe with you around me, then it’s just me trying to hold ALL of my fucking intensity into a little box, but the box is steel and it’s RED HOT).

I just fucking spazz, inside and out

The music I make does the same thing, but it’s different with this particular song and out of ALL songs I’ve ever listened to in my life!

I’m not gonna flip out in public and shit, start pushing people or no stupud shit.

I might just get too intense NOT to stop and appreciate the song in the most hype fucking way I CAN.

I said all that to say music can “be” very mysterious when it works with your soul, and you never know which song you’ll hear one day and it just helps elevate something in you. and in this case, when you least expect it.

Go back through some songs, crank the volume as loud as you can withstand and open your fucking SOUL!!!!

Unless this has already happened to you, then you know the get-down, then.


The First Intake.

Listening to 2Pac right now “If I Die Tonight”
outside on my porch…at my lil’ table..
Something made me restart the song like 5 times. I wanted to truly listen to what my nigga was saying, right?

So I scrolled one up..

I never closed my eyes and listened to a song, and I got mad at the fact I kept spacing out trying to listen to the beat (my worst habit, but is a real contributor to why I produce music so well) and I listened to this first verse and FUCK!? An AMAZING experience.

My head is too crowded to even imagine with my eyes closed, but I left myself open to whatever happened.

First verse went by and it was like WHOA… I just “heard” something for the first time. I truly can’t explain the euphoric reaction to this simple, everyday-allthetime ass method most people use when listening to music.

Maybe it was a combination of me clearing a lot of my chest today/lack of stress for the time being that helped soak up what the fuck should have been heard all along..

Got lots of music to go back and listen to.

not a moment after the first verse ended I started to smell fuckin’ police in the area, I could damn there taste the bacon. I look up to and they were sitting right in front of me, blunt in hand, laptop on the table-

both cops lookin’ at me like Craig looked at Smokey when that nigga told Craig, he was gon’ kill em both. “I ONLY SMOKED HALF A LIL’ PIECE’AJOINT WITCHU!?!?!”

But I was in my yard, so they couldn’t do shit… They rolled off like they never a nigga smoke weed in front of them before. MAYBE I was doing some dumb ass dance, because I was too into that verse. Blunt smoke, and all. Sorry POPO,


and I was rollin’. #SouthCentralForeverimage


Sorry Momma - YG is officially in my top 5 favorite songs of all time Top 5  favorite beats, of all time.. On the first listen. It’s a perfect blend between this nigga YG’s niche, and soul. It portrays a picture that a LOT of us have taken part being the subject in.

While I’ve never stole from my mother, It’s like hearing her speak through the song to me. ..and that’s the beauty of music, and it’s ability to evoke emotion, nostalgia, grief and joy, all in the same breath. People like us can relate to this lifestyle with our moms, hanging around at the bottom. Being’ a knucklehead.

The production? Couldn’t have even touched that shit, as easy as it sounds. It’s exactly what I would have wanted my apologies to my Mom’s to be, man. It’s got a super market on a sunny LA Sunday with moms, type of vibe. Ralphs on Crenshaw, shit. Vons, or whatever Market you went to, you heard that classy ass Saxophone Jazz shit playing above you through the ceiling, as you slide down the asile - (I was proally looking for Hot Sauce.. haha) -mixed up with Gangsta’ in the back takin’ fades. It’s fuckin’ perfect. Heart-filled, to say the least. It nails everything I would expect, and then some for a song like such. Coming from YG, it’s even more of a blessing.

A lot of my nigga’s music isn’t for weak ears, and he gave up something with more value than most niggas can appreciate, in ONE track. So for that, thank you homeboy. The rest of the Album is HARD. BUY THIS SHIT. ON ERRYTHING.

GTA: Online Robbery Techniques.

Niggas already know how to do this…

But these are tips from my experience, anyways.

This is strictly for GTA:Online.

Go buy armor. Fuck everything else, first go buy armor.

When you get to the store you wanna rob, you should probably buy out all the food in the store, so that you have some health in your inventory if the cops fuck your shit up a lil’ bit.  Put your mask on outside of the store, come back in. Jacktime.

Rob stores back to back? 2+

You’re gonna get 3 stars.. Even with the mask on. (If you don’t have a mask, buy one at the beach. Left side of Los Santos)

IF you had been using the mask in the previous robberies,

take it off (AFTER YOU BREAK LINE OF SIGHT WITH POLICE aka flashing stars, mini map not flashing red/blue) doesn’t work in pursuit.

Lose one star. Leaves you with 2.

If you’ve unlocked the wanted level feature with Lester, you can call him to lower it. (Look in your contacts on your phone).

One star, now. Hide for the rest of the duration on that one star.

You should have been able to get away.

The mask works in reverse, as well. If you robbed a store without one, you can still put it on to reduce your wanted level.

Shooting merchandise around the clerk will give you the same, or more of an intimidation affect. You get the cash fast with both yelling in the headset (in game chat) combined with shooting up his shit(not totally confirmed but I got the cash extra fast when I did this).

Sometimes, there’s a 2nd register, and it does have cash in it.

When you’re robbing the store, shoot the other register while intimidating, and you can get the cash and scare his ass all in one whop..

Get another stack of cash. It’s a random amount. Usually $200+ (Takes apporx. Six shots for most guns)

Other than getting extra cash out the register, usually this makes the clerk run in the back and coward it up..

Thus, no bullet in the back upon exit of the young liquor sto’.

Shooting the clerk = 3 stars automatically.

Clerk has random amounts of money on him. I’ve picked up $250 off of him.

Mask can go on/off in cars, not on bikes.

Sanchez (Dirt Bikes) are wonderful for for robberies in the country,

Not at night, though. Chopper finds you faster, unless you use the previous methods. Harder to do on a bike, as you have to get off somewhere and hide before you do this.

Bulletproof tires on anything you roll with, if you want to get away. There will be times when you just can’t shake the cops, rackin’ up stars. Yo ass is grass if your shit ain’t properly prepared. This game fucking rocks.

Robbing with others is a waste of time, splitting the chump change is wack unless you hit 5+ stores together.. Don’t trust randoms.

Don’t rob stores if you got random people populating the area (Other actual players) they will wait for you sometimes, and rob you on the way out of the store. You should only trust your crew (if you got one) and yourself.

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